Miracles through Tragedy

Blog post from Colton Clark, Director of Individual Fundraising on the Leadership Team.

On Saturday, October 24th, tragedy struck the Stillwater Community during the annual Homecoming Parade. In a day filled with darkness and grief, my eyes were opened as I read a Facebook post from the The Children's Hospital at OU Medical Center informing the state that victims of the tragedy were being treated at their hospital in Oklahoma City.

On this most awful day in the Stillwater Community some of the victims of this tragedy were taken to the Children's Hospital in Oklahoma City, the hospital supported by Oklahoma State students for the last 5 years through CowboyThon (formerly known as Dance Marathon). Throughout the course of the last 5 years, OSU students have raised over $250,000 to allow families in the state of Oklahoma to receive the highest quality medical care without having to leave the state. On that Saturday morning, victims of this tragedy were able to be treated in Oklahoma in a hospital supported by their Oklahoma State family.

The resilience of the Cowboy Family and the strength of the community is awe inspiring. As we continue to lift up in prayer the families of those lost and those injured on that day, it is my hope that students of Oklahoma State take hold of the opportunities available to them to support these families through the CowboyThon organization on our campus. You may be looking for a way to serve these families, but have not yet found an outlet to assist those affected. CowboyThon is an outlet that connects our university directly to the impact that Children's Hospital has made on these families and will continue to make after this tragedy. I encourage you to learn more about our organization by heading to CowboyThon.org and reading more of our mission to do all that we do For The Kids of Oklahoma through the Oklahoma Children's Hospital.


Update: The four children who were treated at the Miracle Network Hospital in OKC after the tragedy have been released and are doing great!