Celebrating Super Stan Day!

Today, October 18, CowboyThon celebrates Super Stan Day! This day of fundraising is dedicated to our newest miracle child and cancer survivor, Stan. Stan's story to recovery is told below by his mother, Lindsey.

To aid us in our efforts in fighting for kids just like Stan, support the Oklahoma Children's Hospital Foundation by clicking here.

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"It is almost the second anniversary of the hardest day of my life, we are just weeks away from me becoming a cancer mom for a second year, and December 11, 2017, I will have known the definition of Medulloblastoma, a word I had never heard before, for twenty four months. Friday night, December 11, 2015, I learned my baby boy, just barely two years old had a brain tumor. We learned that it was cancerous the following week. December 16, 2015 Stan had a six and half hour brain surgery. The neurosurgeon removed the entire tumor, which we are so thankful for. We then stayed the next seven nights on the intensive care floor at Children’s Hospital. We got our wish to spend Christmas at home as a family, and on December 23, Stan was released from the hospital. 

During the tumor removal surgery, Stan got Posteria Fossa Syndrome, which is like having a stroke during the procedure. Stan was brought home from the hospital as a 25 pound new born. Stan could no longer walk, talk, sit up, get dressed, laugh, or feed himself. It was terrifying and heartbreaking, but we were out of the hospital for a while. 

In early January  2016, Stan received his central line, during a surgical procedure. The central line is how Stan revived his chemo, which started January 13, 2016. He had three days of chemo for three months, and weekly chemos during his checkups and lab visits. 

In February 2016, Stan had a stem cell harvest, which means his own stem cells were removed from his body (his neck) and stored until we did his first of three stem cell transplants in April. Stan also had the three days of chemo while staying in the hospital. He repeated this is March as well. 

In April, we learned that besides cancer, Stan has an enlarged heart muscle and irregular heart beat. The doctors needed to get his cardiac issue under control before we started high dose chemo. I was a nervous and anxious wreck! We were in the hospital for chemo, but my son needed heart medicine. Finally after two weeks of being in the hospital and trying several drug combinations, the doctors felt that Stan’s heart was stable enough for high dose chemo. He did two days of high dose chemo, took a day off, then had his first of three stem cell transplants. After transplant his body has zero immunity and must start making healthy cells again.  We weren’t alllowed to leave the hospital until his immunity reached a certain level. It can anywhere from 3-4 weeks. That’s a long time in the hospital and Stan had three of those!

In May and June, Stan had the two days of high dose chemo, rest day and stem cell transplants. Finally on July 27, 2016, after 109 nights in the hospital, Stan was healthy enough to go home and start living and being a happy toddler. During our hospital stay, Stan had 23 blood transfusions, 13 platelet transfusions, numerous blood draws, too many X-rays to count, and several EKGs and echocardiogram. 

Our family was so blessed as on September 26, 2016, Stan rang the cancer bell signifying he was done with cancer treatments!! It was such an amazing and happy day!

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Today, Stan is a very happy 3 year old. He is in preschool and takes swimming and horse back riding lessons. He has finally relearned how to walk, and is making great progress with his speech and development. Stan has his MRIs every four months checking for any tumors.  We continue to pray that the MRIs will show NED - no evidence of disease. 

Stan is amazing!! He is happy, funny and brings us so much joy. Stan is a fighter, cancer survivor and my hero! I’m so proud to be his mom!"