Fundraising Resources

There are countless ways to raise funds for the Children's Hospital Foundation! Check out a few of the ideas below and if you would like additional resources or information, please contact our Individual Fundraising Director, Meg Bloom, at

Share your Personal Fundraising Page

This is the easiest way to fundraise! When you register as a CowboyThon Dancer you are automatically set up with a personal fundraising page through Donor Drive. To access your account, click here and use the log in information you provided during registration. Next, share the link with your friends and family through Twitter, Facebook, or emails. Don't forget to customize your profile! According to the Children's Miracle Network, customized personal fundraising profiles raise exponentially more than the standard profile. You have the ability to add a photo, increase your fundraising goal, and explain why you are FTK!

Make a change jar

If you are fundraising as an organization, have members bring spare change and pass the jar around at meetings to go towards your fundraising goal. Work at a restaurant? Put a change jar by the tip area for servers to donate! Every penny counts!

Do acts of service in exchange for donations

Drive your friends to class, babysit, make your parents dinner, or think of other creative ways to motivate potential donors!

Plan your own fundraising event

Bring your CowboyThon team together with your very own fundraising event! Put on a benefit concert with your organization, host a bake sale or a parents night out. Think of ideas that will excite your members and compliment your organization's own goals. 

Matching gifts programs

If your relatives or friends are donating, ask them to ask their employer about matching gifts programs! The employer may be willing to match the donation amount. A lot of companies offer these matching gifts! If you have any questions, email our Individual Fundraising Director, Meg Bloom, at